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meta base nfts is for everyone.

meta base nfts allows any metaverse or marketplace to generate new revenue streams, reimagine user experiences, and empower communities.



Borrow NFTs to access unique experiences.



Lend your NFTs and earn passive income.



Let’s help you afford your favorite NFTs.

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In case you
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meta base nfts is a decentralized protocol built on top of major blockchains that allows essential financial services for NFTs such as renting, lending, and mortgages. Decentralized protocols are non-custodial, meaning the services never rely on the custody of any middleman or intermediary.

Lending and renting allows you to list your NFT on the marketplace with your desired rental terms. Collateralized renting requires the borrower to deposit collateral to rent your NFT while non-collateralized renting does not require any collateral. Currently, our testnet supports collateralized NFT rentals. Non-collateralized NFT rentals will be available later in Q4 2021.

There are two types of NFT financing or mortgages: Seller financing and meta base nftsfinancing. Seller financing does not require collateral and allows you to purchase an NFT with a down payment and pay the remaining amount by a deadline specified by the seller. meta base nfts financing may or may not require collateral and allows you to purchase an NFT with a loan provided by our network, and you will pay back the loan plus interest over time. Seller financing will be available in Q4 2021. We plan to support meta base nftsfinancing early 2022.

NFT rentals that require collateral can be stolen. If that occurs, the lender gains the collateral which is intended to deter theft. Rentals that do not require collateral cannot be stolen because meta base nfts's Seller Protection prevents the NFT from leaving the renter's wallet during the entire duration of the rental. On the other hand, NFT mortgages cannot be stolen even if the borrower's payments default thanks to meta base nfts's Seller Protection technology.

When you rent an NFT, there are no additional fees or charges on top of your rent. If no collateral is required, meta base nfts will take a small one-time % service fee from the lender based on the total cost of the rental. When you agree to take out a mortgage to buy an NFT, there are no additional fees or charges on top of principle plus interest you agree to pay the lender. meta base nfts will take a small one-time % service fee from the seller based on the total revenue from the NFT sale.

meta base nfts is the original utility token for the meta base nfts network and entered the market on September 23, 2021 as both an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token. $meta base nfts will be used to govern meta base nfts's system of NFT rental/lending and financing/mortgage pools some time after its mainnet goes live. Users can post $meta base nfts tokens as collateral to raise their borrowing limits for NFT financing/mortgage loans. Those who borrow $meta base nfts or rent $meta base nfts-verified NFTs can also bypass the borrowing/rental fees and get a discount on fees if they post it as collateral. Fees collected by the meta base nfts platform are also used to burn $meta base nfts. The remaining fees are used to pay lenders. The constant burning of $meta base nfts reduces its total supply, thus driving up the price of the token if demand remains constant.